I've made art my whole life, but it's always been a side project to other things. Currently, I got a startup called Sensorita where I make AI models that contribute to cutting emissions in waste management. 
I've been interested in art through drawing and painting since I was a kid because of my artsy mom, and got into photography when I was 10. Photoshop was introduced to the next year, but my passion didn't fully take off before studying Visual Art at Ashbourne College in London and, later 2 years of art at United World College in Freiburg, Germany. There I found the style that I work in now which is surrealism based around human interaction. I draw inspiration from artists like Erik Johansson, Cinta Vidal and Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk. Check them out, they do some pretty cool stuff.
From  the summer of 2018 to the summer of 2019 I lived in Armenia and created Cilicia Living, an international project based village, with the always awesome Jeppe Strands. Check out that project here cilicialiving.com​​
I finished by degree in artificial intelligence (AI) at the University of Oslo in 2022, which is pretty cool. We talk about how AI might take over the world or just screw up people's political opinions. We'll see what happens and hopefully we'll have a shot at steering how AI is used in the right direction.
22. August - 1. October2018   |   There is nothing more to it   |   Tvibit   |   Tromsø, Norway

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