I created this piece as a continuation of the story told in the following images and maybe as an explanation for how they are possible, however a friend pointed out that there are religious undertones, hence, the title. I see my own hypocrisy in this choice as there maybe is more to it, however, I think it is interesting how my innocent, uncritical imagination can conjure up something that can cause outrage. 
My art is an outlet for my imagination and for my fascination for certain aspects of humanity. The purpose of my work is not much more than a display of what fascinates me and therefore the viewer is not required to look for a deeper message, although certainly if you look for one you will probably find it. The impact of it lies in it’s absurdity and, like the philosophy of absurdism, the human tendency to seek inherent value and meaning in life and the inability to find any. I value my own art in that it is fulfilling to create and that I enjoy the surrealist and absurd aspects of it, but many who view art tend to look for meaning where there sometimes is none.
A key part of my work is that I take all the pictures myself, which allows me to be in complete control of the entire process.  Planning the photo shoots is key to a good result in post-production. 
Two doppelgangers banging heads
Exhibition Freiburg 2017
I exhibited all of the "there is nothing more to it" series together with my clay work and select pieces from the "Smoke" series in this exhibition as a final exam in art at UWC RBC.

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